was founded in 1996, located in Zhejiang oubei qianshi industrial area in Wenzhou which known as the famous home and abroad, has the name of "China shoes city"," China ten most dynamic city ". Factory building area has 13,000 square meters, more than 1600 employees, including 130 technical personnel, has 4 domestic and foreign advanced production line, 5 sets rubber double density injection molding machine. Equipments of shoes production areExcellent, specializing in the production of various high-grade male , female leather shoes, all kinds of leather shoes, military police, public security, judicial leather shoes ( boots ), special labor protection leather shoes, and bear the military personnel of the PLA, the armed police force, stationed in hong kong troops shoes and boots of the equipment task,the annual production is more than four million pairs. Setting technology research, development, production, sales and service in one, was a considerable scale and strength of modern enterprises in Wenzhou area.

After decades of development, the company's product quality has been steadily improved, with the recognition of consumers. So far, the company has in 26 provinces of the country has stores, counters, shop-in-shops, more than 500.Product marketing network throughout the country size city. " There is a road, there is golden mantis" has become a familiar advertisement of the consumer. The company also attaches great importance to the construction and promotion of brand, in a number of years continuously in the central of two sets and three sets, Hunan, Guangdong TV and other national media have invested a lot of advertising advertising, and the Beijing leather, shoes world guide, the main media, Guangzhou city shoes and other national professional magazines and the mainstream portal to promote the brand. The company also attaches great importance to the " humanization" team building, relying on the team wisdom and operation to equip themselves. Over the past few years, we have been conducting internal training and inviting instructors to attend classes, and we have hired Zhejiang blue ocean brand consultants co., ltd to tailor our business standards for our company, and to provide strategic training for the internal high-level to provide the core competitiveness of our company. 

In the face of the rapid development of global economic integration, the company always adhere to the " people - oriented innovation, ideal brand" enterprise concept, shoulder the " service for human progress" enterprise mission, help enterprise to a new height, with the attitude of challenge to meet the new starting point.

The company implements a strict and sound management mechanism,Through the first batch of ISO9001 quality system certification, T2800 occupational health system and ISO14001 environmental management system to improve its own internal management system structure and to prevent damage to the ecological environment. The gold mantis leather shoes are the first batch of products approved to hang the leather marks in the country. Since the establishment of military and police research technology products, such as military and police electric shock defense shoes, solar heating shoes, drainage explosion-proof shoes, paratrooper shock absorption and a series of modern high-tech shoes, fill a number of domestic blank to become the first, so that to be identified as the Wenzhou science and technology innovation enterprises, and at same time shortlisted for the national army materials suppliers , the fixed-point production enterprises of public security ministry and judiciary ministry. " Golden mantis" trademark has won the " Zhejiang famous trademark "," Wenzhou city famous trademark ", " yongjia county famous brand trademark" and other honorary titles. The product " golden mantis" brand shoes have also won " international quality certification "," consumer trustworthy products ", " Wenzhou famous brand products "," fashion Wenzhou annual shoes brand ", and has been named star enterprises for many years.